#Stop Judging: Her Body Colour Doesn’t Decide Her Future!

What would you have tea or coffee ?? Nancy's mom asked Meeta, her sister-in-law who has come home to invite for her daughter's ring ceremony. I will go for your special masala ginger tea she replied. Nancy's mom walked towards the kitchen to bring some snacks and tea. Suddenly Nancy came and hugged her aunt... Continue Reading →


O Women ! You are Beautiful !!

Hey, You! Yeah, You...the one reading this! You are beautiful !! Yes, you heard it right... You are beautiful !!. You are beautiful... It is not that branded cosmetics or expensive dresses or accessories that make you beautiful...they just make you look attractive. Do you want to know why you are beautiful..what makes you beautiful... Continue Reading →

Yes !! She is a Divorcee !!

“Sonam, please check the guest list once. Hope I have not missed any names out here!” Sonam’s mom said to her while putting the list on the table. “Mom, how will I read with wet mehendi on my hands,” Sonam said to her mom, laughing. “Oh yes! I am sorry, beta! You know how excited... Continue Reading →

What’s wrong in BLACK ???

"Riya are you ready ??", "almost Maa " replied Riya to her Mother in law. Riya was getting ready to attend her Mom's birthday party. She has worn a beautiful golden sari gifted by her mom. She was looking gorgeous in the golden sari with minimal makeup & beautiful hair-do, her face was glowing radiantly... Continue Reading →

The Power of Gratitude !!

Gratitude !! Many of us have heard this term most of the times.Sometimes we take it lightly by thinking or saying”Oh yeah! , Gratitude! .I have heard this quite often but don’t know how it works.”  So what is gratitude ?? Sometimes we google it then google shows the meaning as “the quality of being... Continue Reading →

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